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Clinton Foundation: Celebrity Division [VIDEO]

Funny or Die and the Clinton Global Initiative recently released a video that lets you sit in on a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative’s Celebrity Division as they brainstorm ideas to celebrate CGI’s 10th Anniversary. The meeting, run by Ben Stiller, and attended by notable guests including Kristen Wiig, Jack Black, Matt Damon, Sean […]

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F*** Famine - ONE Campaign for Horn of Africa

F*** Famine [VIDEO]

Advocacy platform, ONE, launched a new public service announcement yesterday to raise awareness about the growing number of child deaths attributed to the famine in the Horn of Africa. The premise: a list of celebrities including George Clooney, Bono, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, Ewan McGregor, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mike Huckabee, and Colin Farrell say’F*** […]

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5 Years of Micro-Loans in 4 Minutes…(set to music).

Kiva, a not-for-profit micro-credit organisation, recently released a new video wonderfully titled “Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance” that illustrates visually what happens when 620,000 lenders fund 615,000 people in need around the planet. The video starts out slow, with just a couple data points, but quickly erupts with bursts of motion and colour. Kiva is a non-profit that […]

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Stop the Pity, Unlock the Potential [VIDEO]

Last month, Mama Hope, a non-profit organization focused on building self-sufficient communities in  Africa, launched a new campaign called “Stop the Pity – Unlock the Potential” that seeks to alter public perception about “Africa”.  While their first campaign video only came to my attention this week, it appears from the view count on YouTube that the […]

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UNAIDS Love Safely Campaign logo

This Valentine’s Day lets all #LoveSafely [VIDEO]

In November I published a post highlighting an exciting new UNAIDS campaign called #PreventionRevolution that sought to capitalize on the power of Social Media Networks to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.  While UNAIDS had dabbled with Social Media marketing in the past, #PreventionRevolution represented in many ways their first holisitic multi-platform campaign, which, for those […]

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Invisible People: Exploring Homelessness through Social Media [VIDEO]

15 years ago Mark Horvath was homeless.  Today he spends his time advocating for often “invisible” homeless communities located throughout the US and Canada; his tools: a camera, a blog, and the social grid.  Thanks to three sites and a twitter account, Horvath has been able to garner considerable attention to growing levels of economic disparity […]

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Human Development Report Covers

The Happy Planet Index :) [VIDEO]

Last week, the UNDP published the 20th anniversary edition of the Human Development Report.  This publication represents a major milestone for a development paradigm that fundamentally changed the way many states, multilateral organizations, civil society, and by extension the masses, view human progress and development.   Last week when I broke down parts of the new Human Development […]

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Mosquitoes Suck - Malaria Campaign

Comedy fights Malaria? [VIDEO]

Yet while the list of celebrities signed up to contribute their talent to the to Comedy Fights Malaria continues to grow, and indeed the organizations work to date is impressive, one must ask, how appropriate is it to address serious and devastating health issues by, in short, poking fun at them?

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ZA News: “Go ahead, make your day”. [VIDEO]

According to the ZA News website, “A few weeks later, with the help of friends from the Nelson Mandela Foundation, wearing dark glasses and our most intimidating faces (we were actually quite scared as we didn’t know who were going to meet there), we raided the place and finally recovered the head of Nelson Mandela”.

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