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Human Development Report Covers

The Happy Planet Index :) [VIDEO]

Last week, the UNDP published the 20th anniversary edition of the Human Development Report.  This publication represents a major milestone for a development paradigm that fundamentally changed the way many states, multilateral organizations, civil society, and by extension the masses, view human progress and development.   Last week when I broke down parts of the new Human Development […]

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Making Sense of the 2010 Human Development Report

Accompanying this year’s 20th Anniversary HDR are a number of helpful and user-friendly resources that let individuals (who don’t need to be statisticians or economists) browse country profiles, maps, and even create their own Human Development Index. These new tools are a huge step forward with regard to making important statistical documents accessible to a broader public.

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2010 Human Development Report: The Real Wealth of Nations [VIDEO]

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark stated that “the Report shows that people today are healthier, wealthier and better educated than before. While not all trends are positive, there is much that countries can do to improve people’s lives, even in adverse conditions. This requires courageous local leadership as well as the continuing commitment of the international community.”

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