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Jumo: Social Networking for Social Good [Poll]

This past week, web 2.0 wunderkind Chris Hughes launched a new social networking site called Jumo with the goal of helping individuals  “find, follow, and support” organizations working to address issues in their own community and abroad. Hughes, perhaps best known for his roles as Facebook co-founder, and director of online organizing for Barack Obama’s […]

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Banksy criticizes Fox in politically charged Simpson’s intro [UPDATED]

Over this past weekend, however, many Simpson’s fans would have noticed a darker-than-usual opening sequence that seemed to offer a poignant critique of consumer culture and perhaps an even more poignant critique of Fox.

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Twitter bird sitting on fence

Captured Journalist Tweets from Afghani Prison

At 1:15 PM GMT on Friday two English language tweets appeared on the twitter page of Japanese journalist Kosuke Tsuneoka, who had been missing since April 1st, 2010: “i am still allive, but in jail.” 9:15 AM Sep 3rd via mobile web
“here is archi in kunduz. in the jail of commander lativ.” 9:22 AM Sep 3rd via mobile web

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From Social Media to Social Change

While some continue to critique the growing number of ‘wired-in’ NGO’s, humanitarian workers, and activists, it is increasingly apparent that this new technology has opened up a flood gate of social imagination and democratic creativity that will invariably continue to shape the means by which we not only engage with one another, but with issues affecting our own communities and communities abroad.

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