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F*** Famine - ONE Campaign for Horn of Africa

F*** Famine [VIDEO]

Advocacy platform, ONE, launched a new public service announcement yesterday to raise awareness about the growing number of child deaths attributed to the famine in the Horn of Africa. The premise: a list of celebrities including George Clooney, Bono, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, Ewan McGregor, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mike Huckabee, and Colin Farrell say’F*** […]

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UNAIDS Love Safely Campaign logo

This Valentine’s Day lets all #LoveSafely [VIDEO]

In November I published a post highlighting an exciting new UNAIDS campaign called #PreventionRevolution that sought to capitalize on the power of Social Media Networks to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.  While UNAIDS had dabbled with Social Media marketing in the past, #PreventionRevolution represented in many ways their first holisitic multi-platform campaign, which, for those […]

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Invisible People: Exploring Homelessness through Social Media [VIDEO]

15 years ago Mark Horvath was homeless.  Today he spends his time advocating for often “invisible” homeless communities located throughout the US and Canada; his tools: a camera, a blog, and the social grid.  Thanks to three sites and a twitter account, Horvath has been able to garner considerable attention to growing levels of economic disparity […]

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Skype Logo

Skype teams up with the UNHCR: Why can’t I play?

Skype has just teamed up with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) to provide a customized low-bandwidth version of their video-chat software to locations around the world serviced by UNHCR workers. This new bespoke version of Skype will address issues related to the accessibility and reliability of communications technology that is often paramount to […]

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Jumo Screenshot

Jumo: Social Networking for Social Good [Poll]

This past week, web 2.0 wunderkind Chris Hughes launched a new social networking site called Jumo with the goal of helping individuals  “find, follow, and support” organizations working to address issues in their own community and abroad. Hughes, perhaps best known for his roles as Facebook co-founder, and director of online organizing for Barack Obama’s […]

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HIV/AIDS Hashtag

Creating a #PreventionRevolution through Social Media [VIDEO]

Content from this post originally appeared on the UNAIDS Today Blog: Talking about a revolution: HIV/AIDS Prevention focus for UNAIDS social media initiative “More than 7000 people are infected with HIV every day. We need a prevention revolution.”  This is the message that UNAIDS used recently to launch a social media initiative across Twitter and Facebook to […]

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Twitter bird sitting on fence

Captured Journalist Tweets from Afghani Prison

At 1:15 PM GMT on Friday two English language tweets appeared on the twitter page of Japanese journalist Kosuke Tsuneoka, who had been missing since April 1st, 2010: “i am still allive, but in jail.” 9:15 AM Sep 3rd via mobile web
“here is archi in kunduz. in the jail of commander lativ.” 9:22 AM Sep 3rd via mobile web

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Social Media Icons

From Social Media to Social Change

While some continue to critique the growing number of ‘wired-in’ NGO’s, humanitarian workers, and activists, it is increasingly apparent that this new technology has opened up a flood gate of social imagination and democratic creativity that will invariably continue to shape the means by which we not only engage with one another, but with issues affecting our own communities and communities abroad.

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