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30 Years of AIDS – A Timeline [PREZI]

30 years ago, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a report outlining five cases of what was believed to be a rare form of pneumonia. In retrospect, this report would be the first official one to outline what is now recognized widely as the HIV epidemic. Unfortunately, what this CDC report could give little indication of was that these five cases foretold the most severe epidemic in modern times. What was equally unpredictable, however, was that the story of AIDS would be one not only of tragedy, but one of resilience, solidarity, and innovation.

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Apartheid Protests

June 16th, 1976

“I saw a child fall down. Under a shower of bullets I rushed forward and went for the picture. It had been a peaceful march, the children were told to disperse, they started singing Nkosi Sikelele. The police were ordered to shoot” (Nzima)

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Cradle of Humankind tiny skull

We are all African

Regardless of the colour of your skin, your cultural practices, or a family album filled with decaying black and white photos, it would appear as though, in all likelihood, we are all African.

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Speaking ‘South African’

I thought I would share with all of you a growing glossary of terms, phrases, and colloquialisms that I have managed to pick up and adapt to over the past two weeks, and perhaps further, provide some context into which they can be placed.

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Orlando Stadium Soweto

One Team, One Nation

Up until now I have had fairly little to report on and have been communicating mainly via email to those few who find my daily happenings of interest.  Yesterday, however, was a day that will  not only stand out as memorable when I look back on this trip, but one that has, without a doubt, […]

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