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New online art gallery supports women and children affected by HIV and AIDS

For almost a decade, Art for AIDS International has been hosting visual art workshops to educate young people about HIV and to engage them in the global AIDS response. After over 300 workshops with over 10,000 young people in 7 countries, Art for AIDS has begun to feature and sell this powerful body of student […]

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Driving the AIDS Response through Art

The following post originally appeared on North Star Alliance’s blog: “Driving the AIDS Response through Art” on 10 August 2011. On 26-29 July, North Star Alliance teamed up with Art for AIDS International to pilot a series of innovative visual-arts-based HIV workshops with truck drivers and sex workers in the community of Beitbridge, Zimbabwe. These workshops, […]

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AIDS Awareness Poster

25 Years of AIDS Awareness Posters: A Graphic Intervention

To highlight the essential role of this medium, a new exhibit featuring 153 AIDS awareness posters has recently opened at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This exhibit, entitled Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of AIDS Awareness Posters, 1985-2010, features unique works of art drawing on local language, culture, and design that espouse a universally applicable message about a need to acknowledge, discuss, and prevent the spread of HIV.

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Carabanchel Prision

5 Great Sites that Explore Art, Activism, and Politics

Over the past 10 years both my professional pursuit and academic research has focused largely on exploring links between ‘the arts’ and social transformation.  As a result, my multiple roles as a graduate student, not-for-profit sector member, musician, and activist have exposed me to some of the various ways art can be used both as a space […]

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Banksy criticizes Fox in politically charged Simpson’s intro [UPDATED]

Over this past weekend, however, many Simpson’s fans would have noticed a darker-than-usual opening sequence that seemed to offer a poignant critique of consumer culture and perhaps an even more poignant critique of Fox.

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An Epitaph to “the Power of Culture”

Having worked alongside many not-for-profit leaders in my own community and abroad, I can say with some certainty that there are few things more frightening, or at the very least stress-inducing, than “a change of corporate objectives”.

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