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5 Years of Micro-Loans in 4 Minutes…(set to music).

Kiva, a not-for-profit micro-credit organisation, recently released a new video wonderfully titled “Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance” that illustrates visually what happens when 620,000 lenders fund 615,000 people in need around the planet. The video starts out slow, with just a couple data points, but quickly erupts with bursts of motion and colour. Kiva is a non-profit that […]

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North Star Alliance uses Cricket to Raise Awareness about HIV

On 26-27 August, North Star Alliance and global security services company G4S teamed up to conduct cricket clinics with young people focused on raising awareness about sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV in Malawi, and about North Star Alliance’s local roadside health clinic. The event was hosted by Mpumelelo “Pommie” Mbangwa, a former cricketer with […]

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The Changing Face of AIDS [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here is an infographic collaboratively released by GOOD and Column Five Media that highlights the current state of the global AIDS epidemic and traces the slowly shifting perception of the American public towards HIV and AIDS. While there have been some tremendous gains made in the past few years in the global response to AIDS (noticeably the declining […]

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The 20 Youngest Power Women In Africa

All under the age of 45, these 20 women are at the forefront of business, governance, innovation, and culture in Africa right now. And, even though I cannot speak to all of their accomplishments directly, or even agree with some of their perspectives, it seemed a list well worth sharing.

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Bringing health on the road with North Star Alliance [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recently I finalized a new infographic for North Star Alliance highlighting data from their network of Roadside Wellness Centres in East Africa. I designed this graphic to help better illustrate how the network works, and how successful North Star Alliance has been to date with regard to providing healthcare to mobile populations like truck drivers, […]

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Driving the AIDS Response through Art

The following post originally appeared on North Star Alliance’s blog: “Driving the AIDS Response through Art” on 10 August 2011. On 26-29 July, North Star Alliance teamed up with Art for AIDS International to pilot a series of innovative visual-arts-based HIV workshops with truck drivers and sex workers in the community of Beitbridge, Zimbabwe. These workshops, […]

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gabiselle nkosis art for aids print

30 Years of AIDS – A Timeline [PREZI]

30 years ago, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a report outlining five cases of what was believed to be a rare form of pneumonia. In retrospect, this report would be the first official one to outline what is now recognized widely as the HIV epidemic. Unfortunately, what this CDC report could give little indication of was that these five cases foretold the most severe epidemic in modern times. What was equally unpredictable, however, was that the story of AIDS would be one not only of tragedy, but one of resilience, solidarity, and innovation.

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What about HIV Infographic by JP Bervoets


Thirty years into the response to HIV, an estimated 3000 young people are newly infected with HIV everyday. Many young people living with HIV still do not have access to treatment and only 34% of all young people have correct and comprehensive knowledge about HIV and how to protect themselves. That is why more than […]

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Stop the Pity, Unlock the Potential [VIDEO]

Last month, Mama Hope, a non-profit organization focused on building self-sufficient communities in  Africa, launched a new campaign called “Stop the Pity – Unlock the Potential” that seeks to alter public perception about “Africa”.  While their first campaign video only came to my attention this week, it appears from the view count on YouTube that the […]

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flip-book of ten favorite Development Blog homepages

10 Development Blogs Worth Following

Here are 10 Development Blogs that anyone working, or interested, in the international development, humanitarian, or civil sector should follow.

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