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Exploring the impact of Development on Arts and Culture and the impact of Arts and Culture on Development

New online art gallery supports women and children affected by HIV and AIDS

For almost a decade, Art for AIDS International has been hosting visual art workshops to educate young people about HIV and to engage them in the global AIDS response. After over 300 workshops with over 10,000 young people in 7 countries, Art for AIDS has begun to feature and sell this powerful body of student […]

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The 20 Youngest Power Women In Africa

All under the age of 45, these 20 women are at the forefront of business, governance, innovation, and culture in Africa right now. And, even though I cannot speak to all of their accomplishments directly, or even agree with some of their perspectives, it seemed a list well worth sharing.

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Bringing health on the road with North Star Alliance [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recently I finalized a new infographic for North Star Alliance highlighting data from their network of Roadside Wellness Centres in East Africa. I designed this graphic to help better illustrate how the network works, and how successful North Star Alliance has been to date with regard to providing healthcare to mobile populations like truck drivers, […]

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Driving the AIDS Response through Art

The following post originally appeared on North Star Alliance’s blog: “Driving the AIDS Response through Art” on 10 August 2011. On 26-29 July, North Star Alliance teamed up with Art for AIDS International to pilot a series of innovative visual-arts-based HIV workshops with truck drivers and sex workers in the community of Beitbridge, Zimbabwe. These workshops, […]

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What about HIV Infographic by JP Bervoets


Thirty years into the response to HIV, an estimated 3000 young people are newly infected with HIV everyday. Many young people living with HIV still do not have access to treatment and only 34% of all young people have correct and comprehensive knowledge about HIV and how to protect themselves. That is why more than […]

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flip-book of ten favorite Development Blog homepages

10 Development Blogs Worth Following

Here are 10 Development Blogs that anyone working, or interested, in the international development, humanitarian, or civil sector should follow.

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Culture and Development Reading List

Culture and Development Reading List

This holiday season, while many sit warm by the fire, I’ll be reading and frantically trying to finalize the literature review for my thesis.  In the spirit of giving, instead of simply leaving this blog alone until the new year, I felt it best to share the wealth and provide everyone with a reading list […]

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Shapiro Zuma Rape Cartoon

South African President Jacob Zuma sues, well…everyone.

© 2010 Zapiro (All rights reserved): Printed with permission from It seems freedom of expression is anything but free.  This week South African President Jacob Zuma has gone on a suing spree, filing what is now his eleventh defamation suit against members of the media.  The spree began earlier this week when Zuma took on cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro […]

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AIDS Awareness Poster

25 Years of AIDS Awareness Posters: A Graphic Intervention

To highlight the essential role of this medium, a new exhibit featuring 153 AIDS awareness posters has recently opened at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This exhibit, entitled Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of AIDS Awareness Posters, 1985-2010, features unique works of art drawing on local language, culture, and design that espouse a universally applicable message about a need to acknowledge, discuss, and prevent the spread of HIV.

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Human Development Report Covers

The Happy Planet Index :) [VIDEO]

Last week, the UNDP published the 20th anniversary edition of the Human Development Report.  This publication represents a major milestone for a development paradigm that fundamentally changed the way many states, multilateral organizations, civil society, and by extension the masses, view human progress and development.   Last week when I broke down parts of the new Human Development […]

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