Delivering healthcare across borders across Africa [Infographic]

Last year, North Star Alliance, an international not-for-profit organisation, delivered healthcare and counseling services to 183,906 people across Africa through a strategically placed network of Roadside Wellness Centres (or clinics). Thanks to this intervention, some groups most at-risk of contracting and transmitting communicable diseases (like HIV and other STIs, tuberculosis, and malaria) including mobile workers (such as truck drivers), sex workers, and corridor community members, have access to quality health care.

This year, to coincide with the release of their 2011 Annual Overview, I put together the following infographic highlighting the tremendous impact of North Star’s work. You can learn more by visiting my post on North Star’s site: 2011: A Year in Review [Infographic]. You can also download the infographic as a PDF.

About North Star Alliance

North Star Alliance works at the crossroads of disease and mobility to ensure that highly mobile populations, especially truck drivers and their direct and indirect contacts have access to quality health and safety services. North Star is strengthening national health systems by expanding their reach and plugging the gaps through a network of “Roadside Wellness Centres” (RWCs) located at hotspots along major transport corridors in sub-Saharan Africa. North Star’s unique approach unites the transport and public health sectors in a common response to high impact diseases.

North Star’s RWCs are open to everyone, but designed for the specific health needs of mobile populations. They offer a focused package of prevention and treatment services, including: information, education, primary health care, treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV counselling and testing, and medical referrals.

North Star Alliance is supported by six core partners, including International Transport Workers’ Federation, ORTEC, PharmAccess Foundation, TNT Express, UNAIDS and the World Food Programme, and more than 70 strategic and local partners. Currently, North Star is operating 24 RWCs in 10 East and Southern African countries and will soon open the first centre in West Africa.


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