This Valentine’s Day lets all #LoveSafely [VIDEO]

UNAIDS Love Safely Campaign logo

In November I published a post highlighting an exciting new UNAIDS campaign called #PreventionRevolution that sought to capitalize on the power of Social Media Networks to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.  While UNAIDS had dabbled with Social Media marketing in the past, #PreventionRevolution represented in many ways their first holisitic multi-platform campaign, which, for those connected enough to notice, by no means failed to deliver – there was a hashtag (that nearly trended), a profile badge, Facebook app support via Causes, creative and engaging video content – and of course a legitimate reason to engage:

Everyday more than 7 000 people are infected with HIV worldwide. When people learn about HIV and act, new infections are preventable.

This February UNAIDS is reminding us that the “revolution” isn’t over. Ending the spread of HIV is about education, access, and making sure that this Valentine’s Day and beyond we all #LoveSafely.

While of course only “real life” actions can make this a reality, the growing popularity of Twitter and of hashtag campaigning makes it a great central platform to remind everyone that HIV/AIDS doesn’t end after World AIDS Day.  It takes a real committment year round to at the very least #LoveSafely, stay engaged, and spread the word (via Twitter, Facebook, or gasp…speaking to your friends) to ensure that we not only have a trending (and trendy) #PreventionRevolution, but that we have a real one as well.

This Valentines Day add the #PreventionRevolution and #LoveSafely hashtags to your tweets if you want (as a social media geek, I’ll be doing it); whats more important, however, is that all of our actions are in fact safe, informed, and respectful; none of which makes them less fun.

Check out the last installment of the UNAIDS #PreventionRevolution video series. Personally, I would love to see another one come out for #LoveSafely.

To learn more about UNAIDS, or #LoveSafely, check out UNAIDS on Facebook; Twitter; or on the office UNAIDS site. To learn more about the #PreventionRevolution campaign, check out my post from November: Creating a #PreventionRevolution through Social Media [VIDEO]


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