Culture and Development Reading List

This holiday season, while many sit warm by the fire, I’ll be reading and frantically trying to finalize the literature review for my thesis.  In the spirit of giving, instead of simply leaving this blog alone until the new year, I felt it best to share the wealth and provide everyone with a reading list made up of some of the better books currently sitting on my desk.  While this list would be torture for most, those interested in themes related to culture and development, or in how the arts can contribute to development work, may very well find this introductory list of value. Each book can be found on my Amazon page in case anyone is interested in checking out summaries, reviews, related products, or, in the spirit of holiday consumerism, purchasing a copy.  Most should also be available in any university book store.

Culture and Development Reading List

  • Culture and Development: A Critical Introduction – Susanne Schech, Jane Haggis
  • Culture and Public Action – Anthology Edited by Vijayendra Rao, Michael Walton
  • Culture and Development in a Globalizing World: Geographies, Actors and Paradigms – Edited by Sarah Radcliffe
  • Culture and Global Change – Anthology edited by Tracy Skelton and Tim Allen
  • Art and Upheaval: Artists on the World’s Frontlines – William Cleveland
  • New Creative Community: The Art of Cultural Development – Arlene Goldbard
  • Third World Quarterly Issue 31 ,Vol. 4: Relocating Culture in Development and Development in Culture (can be accessed for free via library subscription)
  • Development as Freedom – Amartya Sen
  • Doctrines Of Development – M. P. Cowen & R.W. Shenton

Check back in the new year for reviews of Art and Upheaval, and New Creative Community. If those aren’t enough readings, however, check out my list of Essential Books about HIV and AIDS or feel free to leave a comment.



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