‘Slow Progressers’ could be the key to new HIV treatment

Recently an International Study has identified a key genetic variant that allows the immune system of certain individuals the ability to control HIV infection before it spreads, effectively preventing the development of full-blown AIDS. These individuals, called “Slow Progressers”, account for only 1% of all infections but could offer invaluable insight for researchers working on developing new treatments.

One research group in Canada led by Dr. Cécile Tremblay from the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal is playing a fundamental role in this study. Dr. Tremblay’s team has been collecting genetic data from ‘slow progressers’ across Canada for a specimen bank that is being made available to the broader medical community. The intent being that gathered data will contribute to a broader understanding of HIV diversity and the potential for developing neutralizing antibodies.

For more information on this study, please check out: Canada-wide study to investigate new HIV treatments which was written last year when the team began their study.

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