Making Sense of the 2010 Human Development Report

This past week there has been no shortage of articles offering a brief glimpse into the United Nations Development Programme’s 2010 Human Development Report (HDR).  Most of these articles, however, have failed to engage with this document in any meaningful way beyond highlighting a few key statistics and a general consensus that the world is in fact ‘getting better’, but not everywhere.

For those of you out there who are eager to learn more, but are perhaps too busy to sink your teeth into the 236 page PDF document (which I am only about half way through after 4 days of reading), have no fear; the UNDP hasn’t forgotten you.

Accompanying this year’s 20th Anniversary HDR are a number of helpful and user-friendly resources that let individuals (who don’t need to be statisticians or economists) browse country profiles, maps, and even create their own Human Development Index.  These new tools are a huge step forward with regard to making important statistical documents accessible to a broader public.  Check out the links below to sample a few of the new resources available:

While there is always room for improvement, the UNDP has inevitably set a new precedent within multilateral organizations regarding how to effectively present and distribute new knowledge that is both generally accessible and easy to share.  Personally, after four days of perusing the 2010 HDR, I hope future publications follow suit.

If you are interested in learning more about Human Development and its history, click here, or watch the video below.

This video was originally published by the UNDP online at

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